What we do:

Gateway is a non-profit company established in 1988. Its mandate is to provide a range of community supports to a group of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who lived for many years either in institutions or in their own family homes. Most of these people are now middle-aged or retired.

The people we support have a wide range of skills, gifts, and requirements. All have needs that, in one way or another, will present a challenge to those who support them. Everybody involved in Gateway believes that, given time and with individualized support provided in a home and community setting, the people we support will learn many new things, and build positive relationships with others.

Gateway is committed to keeping the focus of all its activities on the needs and aspirations of each person as an individual trying to help each person build a satisfying and meaningful life with the support of family, friends, and community, as well as paid staff. We believe that supporting our people will be largely a good experience. However, we recognize that there may be stressful times as people adapt to a more independent lifestyle. Staff supporting them must be prepared to live with the stress as well as the good times.

The people supported by Gateway live in groups of two or three in homes in the Metro area. We have grouped our people according to their skills and personalities, rather than their needs. We hope that each house will really be home for the people living in it, and that they will come to feel that it is theirs.

Out of each home, Gateway operates community-based activities. These help each person to develop his/her own individualized life in the community, including recreational, educational, vocational and other opportunities. We hope that virtually all activities will take place in integrated community settings, and that each individual will develop personal links with the community.

Each home is staffed with a supervisor who works alongside several support workers and part time staff. A part time Community Resource Developer assists supervisors and staff in accessing community based activities of either a vocational or recreational nature.

Gateway is owned by shareholders, each of whom is a resident in one of the homes administered by the organization. These shares are held in trust for them by a relative or advocate. These trustees elect a Board of Directors, which oversees Gateway's activities. The Board employs an Executive Director to manage Gateway's day-to-day affairs and to act as a liaison with other agencies and services. Funding is secured through the Department of Community Services, who also monitor the Agency through a Departmental Care Coordinator.

Our Team:

Board of Directors

We have a board of directors made up of family members of the people we support, former employees, and professionals with fantastic skills. They help guide the direction of our organization always keeping the wellbeing of our homeowners at the forefront.

Management Team


Our management team consists of our executive director, office manager, administrative professional, community development, and our supervisor team. They work hard each day to support our employees and our homeowners.

Support Staff

Our support staff are the most valuable and essential assets our organization has. They come to work every day and show how much they care and the pride they take in what they do. We would not exist without them and they are incredible people.